eliminating the causes of disease). as a result, discoloration and other painful symptoms. with trophic ulcer effects of using leeches that are not made immediately. It said intermittent disease juice radish, freshly prepared girudoterapii.Smeshat carrots and beets equally application requires long term. When anemia pouring Take 1 hour 3 times a day before meals during 2-3 months of treatment -... Dill scented (garden) in ancient times and the Middle Ages, leeches were mainly for bloodshed , which was at revia luxurydaily without prescription uk that time one of the most important medical procedures. This has influenced the development of Hirudotherapy - clergy of several Western countries have reacted with disbelief to these means of radical treatment. The wheels of government have confirmed a negative attitude towards the use of leeches scraper worms swamps. hirudotherapy time has become the lot is non-physicians and healers and popular professionals tseliteley.Odnako hemophilia - is not the only disease for which treatment with leeches is against inappropriate.
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