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Student, do you have a lot of innovative ideas in your head? Do you want to create unique solutions for a more sustainable future? Burk

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Do you have any questions? Looking for information? Want to use the computer? Can’t wait to test your knowledge in the quiz? Do you want to talk, or are you looking for an atmosphere of peace and concentration? Come to the library!


Every student, especially first-year students, who come to study in Vilnius, has a question: where to live during their studies? Vilnius College of Technology and Design offers accommodation in five dormitories. The dormitories offer comfortable living, learning and recreational conditions. All five of the College’s dormitories have the great advantage of being close to the teaching buildings and centrally located in the city.

Social responsibility

At Vilnius College of Technology and Design, social responsibility is perceived as responsibility for the impact of the College’s activities and decisions on the environment and society. In making decisions and carrying out its activities, the College takes into account the expectations of its stakeholders, complies with legislation and international standards, and contributes to sustainable development and the well-being of society.


Manage and coordinate the College’s international relations with a view to the internationalisation of studies at the College, disseminate information about the College abroad, and inform and advise the College’s students and staff about the College’s international research and study, arts and sports programmes and foreign partners.