13 January - Defenders of Freedom Day


On the 13th of 1991, the unity and faith of Lithuanians was stronger than the armed forces of the enemy.

By surrounding the country’s most important buildings with songs, the people won what every country holds most dear – their freedom.

January 13th is special because it was the night when slavery came to an end in the consciousness of our nation! As terrible as the morning after the night was, it brought a clear realisation that we will never be slaves again and that we will defend our Freedom with all our might.

That is why today, as 32 years ago, we bow our heads to our nation’s heroes for their sacrifice on the night of January 13th and give thanks for the opportunity to develop, build and grow our country. THANK YOU!

Let remembering history and passing it on to younger generations become a great incentive to build a better Lithuania every day.

We remember.