ADD_ON_SKILLS: project participants' field trip to UAB Staticus

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21 March 2023 – Erasmus+ International project “Advanced Digital Design Course for Modern Buildings Developing the Skills of Young Engineers” (ADD_ON_SKILLS, No.2020-1- PL01-KA226-HE-095244), participants from the University of Technology of Bialystok (Republic of Poland), the University of Córdoba (Kingdom of Spain), the University of Florence (Republic of Italy), the Rezekne Academy of Technology (Republic of Latvia), and the Vilnius University of Technology and College of Design (Republic of Lithuania), organised a trip to one of the most advanced construction companies – UAB Staticus.

The trip was organised to introduce innovations in the construction sector to the project participants and to give them the opportunity to actually visit innovative companies in Lithuania.

The visit included a presentation of the company’s activities, projects under development and implementation, as well as a tour of the company’s territory and production facilities.

Given that both the construction sector and modern studios are constantly facing various challenges, the project activities aim to develop the necessary new competences and skills (especially digital) of teachers and future civil engineers. The knowledge, experience and opportunities gained and acquired on 21 March in a real-life setting with UAB Staticus, one of the largest contractors in Northern Europe providing a wide range of façade design and installation services, have made a significant contribution to this objective.

The visit to the company expanded the already existing practical knowledge of the students and the College’s staff and guests – the project participants – and provided them with an insight into production processes, sustainable projects and more. The good practice gained is seen as a long-term value: it will be used by the lecturers and project staff to supplement and update the project materials (distance learning modules, assignments), and by the students to prepare their coursework, to work in international teams and groups, and to prepare for future engineering activities.

Photos by A.Tylienė