BIP project at the Faculty of Technology "Development of a website for the Science Workshop"

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In 2023, the international CIP project “CREATING THE WEBSITE FOR SCIENCE SHOP NEEDS” was launched at the Faculty of Technology on 11 December. The project involves students and lecturers from three countries: 30 students of the Information Systems Engineering programme of the Faculty of Technology of Vilnius College of Technology and Design (the project organiser), assistant professor Dr Jelena Mamčenko, lecturers Brigita Šustickienė and Jolanta Pileckienė, 12 students of the Electrical and Automation programme of the University of Applied Sciences (Estonia) and 5 students of the Information Technology programme of the Bragana Polytechnic Institute (Portugal).

The aim of the project is to develop a website for the needs of the workshop and to learn about Oracle APEX, the world’s most popular enterprise low-code application platform.

The participants were welcomed by the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Dr Gražina Strazdienė, and the Head of the International Relations and Project Management Department, Joana Lapkovskaja.

The project started remotely on 18-09-2023.

The project participants met from 11-12-2023 to 15-12-2023.

Organisational measures The students worked remotely in seven teams throughout the autumn semester. At the end of the project, the student teams will present the web pages they have created for the workshop project.

We wish the students good luck!

Photos by J. Pileckienė