Building engineering systems

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Building engineering systems

Field of Study: Civil Engineering

National code: 6531EX019

Study forms and duration: full-time – 3 years, part-time – 4 years

I will learn:

  • selecting materials and products for building engineering systems;
  • selecting and applying design solutions for engineering systems;
  • prepare designs for building engineering systems;
  • select and apply installation techniques;
  • organising, controlling and evaluating the quality of the work carried out;
  • Demonstrate a professional approach to the maintenance of engineering systems;
  • to analyze the needs of updating engineering systems,
  • apply knowledge and understanding of fundamental subjects to evaluate engineering solutions from an ethical, social, economic and safety perspective;
  • Independently develop knowledge, seek, process, analyse and apply information to solve problems and make decisions.

I will work in:

  • public and private companies in the construction sector;
  • production manager, engineer, designer, manager;
  • a manager in your own business.