Career centre for students

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In Latin, the word career (Latin: Carraria) means a person’s life path. Choosing what to study, what extra subjects to take and how to plan your career is very important.

The nature of the workplace and the demand for occupations are changing in an ever-changing world. Competition among potential employees is increasing, so the person who plans every step of his or her career will have an advantage over the person who relies on intuition and takes the easy way out. It is difficult to achieve a career by force.

Vilnius College of Technology and Design, taking seriously the importance of the first step in career planning, has established a Career Centre. Through bilateral cooperation between the College and businesses, the aim is to help students to plan their career paths as early as possible by creating career opportunities.

Career Centre activities:

  • Promote career planning by introducing students to professional career opportunities
  • analysing labour market trends and gathering information on the labour market situation
  • monitoring and analysing the labour market situation of graduates
  • providing information, methodological and advisory support on labour market readiness and employability issues
  • establishing and maintaining close links between the College community and employers