Construction, Building engineering systems: lecture by a guest speaker from UAB "MIDA LT"

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14 March 2023 The Faculty of Civil Engineering hosted and lectured to the students of Civil Engineering by Virginijus Balsys, Technical Manager for the Baltic States at UAB MIDA LT.

During the lecture-seminar, the 1st and 2nd year full-time students of the study programmes “Construction” and “Building Engineering Systems” were introduced to the only production plant in the Baltic States that produces bituminous and polymeric bitumen roller coatings for roofs and waterproofing of buildings, including flexible tile in various colours, modifications, thicknesses, and geometric shapes, as well as self-adhering roller coatings for pitched roofs and roll coatings for flat roofs.

The students were given a lot of information on roofing systems, i.e. flat roof system, pitched roof system and bituminous roof tiles. The company’s representative, Virginijus Balsys, also gave the students a presentation on the green roof systems used in green buildings. The participants spoke extensively about bituminous roller roofing, bituminous mastics, the composition of the main materials, the production process, the structural solutions for roof elements and roofing. The students had the opportunity to learn about external fire testing methods for roofs (Broof T1 classification) and solar panel mounting systems.

The lecture-meeting was organised by Dr Marija Vaičienė, Head of the Department of Civil Engineering.

Photos by M. Vaičienė