Construction engineering students visit construction sites

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Construction engineering students visit construction sites

On 17 October 2023, students of civil engineering and Erasmus+ exchange students and lecturers went to the reconstruction project “Stepono sodas” (Panerių g. 12, Naujamiestis, Vilnius) of the general contracting company UAB Darbštūs vyrai for the reconstruction of a multi-family dwelling house and administrative buildings in Paneriai st. 12 in Vilnius.

The participants of the excursion were greeted by Audrius Čepulis, Production Director of UAB Vilniaus Rentinys.

During the tour, the students observed the interior finishing and façade insulation works, the application of the diffusion film on the roof of the gabled house, and the installation of the concrete walls of the basement, the brickwork and the reinforced concrete structures of the building.

On the same day, the students visited the site of the reconstruction of the production buildings at 48 Algirdo St., Vilnius, which are being converted into a sports building with cultural and hotel facilities. The students were introduced to the building under reconstruction, where an artificial wave swimming pool has been designed, and were shown how the reconstruction project will be carried out, the roofing will be renewed, the existing masonry walls will be cleaned and painted, and the existing windows and doors will be finished with a hardened-steel trim.

The trip was organised by Dr Marija Vaičienė, Head of the Department of Civil Engineering.