Construction work practice for first year students


Construction work practice for first year students

On 4-15 September 2023, students of the first year of full-time studies of the study programme “Construction” took part in the Construction Works Practice.

At the beginning of the internship, Airida Tylienė, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, gave an introduction to the students, organised a presentation of the Erasmus+ mobility opportunities, a meeting with the Personal Data Protection Officer and the library staff, who introduced the students to the library’s services, working procedures, resources and search systems.

The Head of the Department of Civil Engineering, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Marija Vaičienė, who is the Head of the Department of Civil Engineering, introduced the first-year students to the programme of the internship organisation, which includes meetings-seminars with the social partners, excursions to the construction sites and creative workshops.

During the construction work practice, students participated in two workshops: in one of them, they learned about drone features, settings, main drone functions and categories, were introduced to the rules of safe piloting and under the supervision of the lecturer, Natalia Augūnienė, they carried out test drone flights, and in the other one, they used the optical microscope to investigate the structure of fillers, wastes, and other materials, and they learnt about the minerals that can be found in Lithuania and the possibilities of their use in construction.

A number of educational excursions were also organised for trainees.

The students visited the construction site at 11A Tolminkiemio Street in Vilnius (Pilaite), where a 2-storey nursery school with a swimming pool is being built. The participants of the educational excursion were met by the representatives of UAB Gilesta, and during the meeting the construction manager V. Mikulskij introduced the students to the modern project, presented the company’s activities and completed projects. The students watched the excavation, drilling of foundation piles, concrete foundation works and inspected the drilling equipment.

On 8 September 2023, students visited the new T4 passenger departure terminal at Vilnius Airport. G. Videika introduced the students to the 2-storey A++ energy-efficient building, gave detailed information about the prefabricated reinforced concrete frame of the building and the entire new departure terminal, presented various sustainable architecture and renewable energy solutions, showed where the passenger check-in, public common areas, cafeterias and other commercial areas, and offices of the airlines will be located, and introduced the installation of the building’s metal structures.

During the construction practice, the students also visited 12 Panerai Street (Naujamiestis), where new apartment and office buildings are being built. Arvydas Jušinskas, the construction manager of Darbštūs vyrai UAB, introduced the students to a low-rise construction project where a geothermal heating system is planned. The students observed the installation of metal roof structures and learned how to fix glued timber. On the same day, the students visited the site of the reconstruction of the production buildings at 48 Algirdo Street, Vilnius, which are being converted into a sports building with cultural and hotel facilities. Audrius Čepulis, Production Director of Vilniaus Rentinys UAB, introduced the students to the building being reconstructed, where an artificial wave swimming pool has been designed, and explained how the reconstruction project will be carried out, the roofing will be renewed, the existing masonry walls will be cleaned and painted, and the existing windows and doors will be finished in a hardened-steel finish. In 2023, on 11 September, lecturers of the Department of Civil Engineering, Dr. R. Mackevičius and Dr. G. Ambrasas, together with students, visited Gediminas Hill and the block of flats. The lecturers introduced the students to the landslide elimination and stabilisation works carried out on the eastern slope of Mount Gediminas, and at the apartment block, they talked about the main solutions for the modernisation of apartment blocks.

On 13 September 2023, the students attended a meeting with representatives of UAB YIT Lietuva. During the meeting, the students learned about the company’s activities, including the development of apartments, business premises and the environment, construction, infrastructure construction and asphalt works. Guests from YIT Lietuva shared their career stories and presented career opportunities to the students. Students who answered the questions correctly were awarded prizes. The company representatives invited the students to visit the sustainable business centre Sky Office in Viršuliškių district. T. Aranauskas, the construction manager, introduced the students to the A+ energy efficiency class business centre, photovoltaic solar modules that will produce green electricity for lighting of common areas, high-speed elevators with regenerative drive and other innovative solutions.

On the last day of the internship, a presentation and defence of the Construction Works internship was organised, during which the students presented the knowledge and best practices acquired during the internship.