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Drawing and composition courses

The Faculty of Design of the VTDK organises Drawing and Composition courses for applicants. We invite you to improve your drawing and composing skills and prepare for the entrance exams to the Graphic Design and Interior Design study programmes.

Duration of the programme Drawing course: 8 academic hours,
Composition course: 8 academic hours,
Drawing and Composition course: 16 academic hours
Programme content Drawing courses: Introduction. Drawing tools. Composing an object on the page. Central, angular perspective. Proportions. Constructing edges of simple shapes. Construction of circular geometric shapes. Drawing a still life from household objects using a variety of tools. Materiality. Features of stamping on different surfaces.
Composition courses: Introduction. The essence of composition. The relationship between object and space. Means of artistic expression. Points, line, texture, stain. Colour in composition. Primary colours. Colour mixing. Secondary and tertiary colours. Basic compositional techniques. Rhythm in composition. Stylisation.
Graduation document A certificate is issued to those who successfully complete the course programme.
Location Vilniaus technologijų ir dizaino kolegija, Olandų g. 16, Vilnius. Room 121.
Time Registration is currently closed.
Price Drawing course: €64. Composition courses: €64 Drawing and composition courses: €120 Groups of 5 or more
Lecturers Vilmantas Adamonis, Inga Dargužytė
Means of work Pencils (various softness: HB-6B), eraser, pins or adhesive tape (to secure the paper), paper, paints (for the chosen technique: watercolour, gouache, tempera, acrylic, etc.; fixative tools are necessary when using pastels).
Contacts Kristina Višnevskienė tel. 8 674 04941, email k.visnevskiene@vtdko.lt
Registration can be done here https://events.vtdko.lt/kursai-i-menus