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Scriptwriting and Filmmaking courses

The Faculty of Design of VTDK organises courses in scriptwriting and framing for applicants. Learn about the principles of scriptwriting and framing an audiovisual work through practical assignments and prepare for the entrance exams to the Multimedia Design study programme.

Programme duration 10 academic hours
Programme content Introduction. Drawing tools. The essence of composition. The relationship between object and space. Theme, idea, plot, scenario. Conflict and methods of creating characters. Character and setting. Stylization. Rhythm. Perspective. Colour and shading.Basic principles of framing and composition.
Graduation document A certificate is issued to those who successfully complete the course programme.
Location Vilnius College of Technology and Design, Olandų str. 16, Vilnius. 255 auditorium.
Time Registration is currently closed.
Price 120 EUR. Groups of 4 or more
Means of work Pencils (various softness: HB-6B), eraser, pins or adhesive tape (to secure the paper). A4 writing paper, A3 drawing paper. Markers, writing instruments. Coloured pencils.
Contacts Kristina Višnevskienė tel. 8 674 04941, email
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