D-PBL: bringing project-based learning into the digital era


In 2023, on 11 September, Brigita Šustickienė and Jolanta Pileckienė, lecturers at the Faculty of Engineering, took part in a virtual meeting of the international project “D-PBL: Bringing Project-Based Learning into the Digital Era”. The aim of the project is to link digital teaching and learning (EAD) with project-based learning (PBL). The aim of the D-PBL project is based on three aspects: making technical skills meaningful by providing a real learning context; providing effective digital competences that are useful for business; and integrating students into multinational teams. Objectives: to assess the digital skills of lecturers (digital skills need to be strong in order to be transferable to students); to aim at training lecturers based on the interaction between digital and pedagogical competences; to design a space (room) where students and lecturers will work, to create an element of the D-PBL; to organize transnational teams that will solve business problems and find solutions, using digital technology to communicate. The meeting discussed the progress of the project, the activities implemented, the financial aspects of the project and future work. The project participants planned two international events, actively discussed topical issues and shared best practices.

Photo by J. Pileckienė