Design thinking: what is it and why is it important for education?


Members of the College community took part in a training course on “Design Thinking”.

Why is design thinking important for education and business today? What are its benefits? And how does it work?

The term “Design Thinking” is defined not only as a method that designers use in their projects, but also as a discipline in which the designer’s feelings, intuition and methods are aligned with people’s needs.

During the training “Design Thinking” at Vilnius College of Technologies and Design Justina Klyvienė, founder of the Future Leadership Innovation Lab and a trainer in design thinking, gave a brief overview of the processes of the design thinking mindset – what it consists of and how we can use it in our everyday life and work.

In developing solutions to the problem, the participants (faculty and administrative staff) experienced together the whole four-part process – empathy, problem definition, idea generation and prototyping.