Distance lecture by a lecturer from Tallinn University of Applied Sciences for Construction students


12 April 2023 A distance lecture by Prof. Dr. T. Mill from Tallinn University of Applied Sciences (TTK University of Applied Sciences, Estonia) was organised for the first year full-time students of the Construction Studies programme (SP22D-1 and SP22D-2).

Aim of the lecture: to introduce students to laser scanning technology and its applications.

During the lecture, Dr. T. Mill, professor at Tallinn University of Applied Sciences, introduced the students to static scanning technology, measuring instruments and the use of AutoCAD Recap and Agisoft Metashape software for collecting and processing high precision data. They also discussed how laser scanning technology can be used in design. The lecture included a case study in which the data was prepared for further design work and research in a CAD/BIM environment.

The lecture was organised by Natalija Augūnienė.

N. Augūnienė photos