Eastern Design Days in Bialystok

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J. Daveiko and V. Žvirblė, lecturers at the Faculty of Design, Interior Design study programme, together with six second- and third-year students travelled to Bialystok University of Technology for a week to attend the Re-Definicja art workshop organised by the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Technology in Bialystok, where they explored the use of eco-friendly interior design materials and tried to apply them in an unconventional way by creating interior design elements made of marbled marbles, copper and other natural elements together with the Polish students and teachers.

The workshop also took part in the regional event “East design days’23”, which celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Department of Architecture. The event included a retrospective exhibition of the work of students, alumni and lecturers, a conference, workshops and other events.

The workshop resulted in a spectacular exhibition, which was a great success among the visitors and attracted media attention: the lecturer Daveiko was interviewed by a Polish radio correspondent, and the event was filmed by television.

Photos from https://www.facebook.com/eastdesigndays
J. Daveiko photos
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