Educational trip to the Traffic Management Centre

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On 14 March 2024, students from groups IS21D-1 and IS23D-1 visited the Traffic Management Centre to learn about traffic management and organisation for sustainable public transport in Vilnius City. At the Traffic Management Centre, the students saw how all traffic in Vilnius City is organised and managed, and how to react promptly to dangerous situations. Alexey Apanovicius, Head of the Traffic Management Centre, explained that the aim of the Traffic Management Centre is to manage traffic efficiently and improve traffic safety in Vilnius, and that the Centre has all the equipment necessary for the smooth operation of the subsystems of the centralised traffic management system. The centralised traffic management system is based on a modern server room, which is equipped to process the data received from traffic sensors and to implement the main traffic management algorithm, ensuring smooth traffic flow management and the operation of traffic lights. This equipment helps to react promptly to breakdowns and atypical traffic situations.

Photos by V. Laukienė