Educational trip to UAB "Ormina"

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23 May 2024 An educational trip to UAB “Ormina” was organised for first year students of Transport Logistics and Business and Customs Studies (TL23D-1, VM23D-1 gr.).

The aim of this field trip is to familiarise students with the workings of customs warehouses in a real-life environment.

Audrius Valevičius, Deputy Director General of UAB Ormina, told the participants of the educational excursion about the company’s areas of activity, introduced open-type customs warehousing services and the activities of temporary warehouses, and talked about the flow of cargo arriving by wagons and trucks from Vietnam and Kazakhstan.

Students will be able to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during the educational trip in lectures, as well as in independent and practical work. The knowledge gained will also be useful for the students in their working life.

The educational trip to UAB “Ormina” was organised by lecturer Jolanta Turbienė.