AB "Ignitis grupė" scholarships awarded to students of the Faculty of Engineering

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In order to promote the attractiveness and popularity of Electrical Engineering and Energy Engineering, which are important for the Group’s strategic business areas, “Ignitis grupė” has granted EUR 21,000 in support to seven first-year and EUR 21,000 in support to seven second-year full-time students of Electrical Engineering and Energy Engineering at Vilnius College of Technology and Design. Seventeen first-year full-time students of Renewable Energy Engineering and Electrical and Automation Engineering and 16 second-year full-time students of these study programmes applied for the scholarships.
The committee, which met on 21 September 2023, examined the students’ applications for the AB “Ignitis grupė” scholarship and selected the students who met the criteria for the scholarship. Five first-year, four second-year Renewable Energy Engineering and two first-year, three second-year Electrical and Automation Engineering students were selected. The students will receive a monthly stipend of €300 from September 2023 to June 2024.

Congratulations to the AB “Ignitis grupė” scholarship holders.

More information about “Ignitis grupė” scholarships for Lithuanian higher education students can be found here.

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