Modernisation of the Vilnius College of Technologies and Design's training building (Olandų str. 16, Vilnius)

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Modernisation of the Vilnius College of Technologies and Design’s training building (Olandų str. 16, Vilnius)

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Project No. 09.1.1-CPVA-V-720-01-0001
Start of project activities – 2015-02-03
End of the project – 2018-10-31

The project is financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the European Union Funds Investment Operational Programme 2014-2020, Priority 9 “Public Education and Enhancing the Potential of Human Resources”, Implementing Measure No. 09.1.1-CPVA-V-720 “Concentration of the Study Environment and Infrastructure, Enhancement of the Learning Environment and Development of the Information Systems”.
Funding available – 1.899.928,50 Eur.

The project aimed to increase the efficiency of the training of specialists in the fields of art and technology studies to meet the needs of the region by completing the modernisation of the College’s training building at 16 Olandų Street, Vilnius.
The project installed a decentralised ventilation system and an external waterproofing system for the plinth at Olandų str. 16, Vilnius, where the College’s Faculties of Technologies and Design currently operate. The project activities have resulted in a technical condition of the building that ensures that the temperature and relative humidity of the classrooms, teaching workshops, laboratories and administrative and common areas (corridors) in the building meet the requirements of the hygiene norm HN 42:2009. The microclimate compliance with the hygiene standards has significantly improved the study and working conditions, the quality of studies and the results of studies for the 1500 students and 90 staff members studying in the Training Building.