Exhibition of photographs by alumna R. Mockapetryte


In 2023 year May 10 During the Design Days’ 23, the photography exhibition “In Memory of Anna Atkins” by Rūta Mockapetryte, an alumna of the Photography Technology programme, was opened.

Anna Atkins is the first woman to publish a scientific publication on plants (algae), illustrated with photographic images of cyanotype algae. In 2023 year 180 years after the book was published.

Alumna Rūta Mockapetrytė photographed the rarer plants, then digitised the images on transparent film, which she used for the cyanotype. She scanned the cyanotype flower fragments and inserted them into digital photographs. And so she created a collection of postcards that combines the digital with this nineteenth-century technic.

Rūta Mockapetrytė photos