Experimental development work

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Experimental development work

Project “Formula student“

For the first time in Lithuania, students and lecturers of the Department of Automotive Transport have built a Formula Student racing car, which meets international requirements and is designed to compete in student competitions in various foreign countries. The project covered a wide range of areas: research, design, production, testing, creation, business organisation and management. The project, carried out by students and lecturers, created an opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge and competences in the development of a real product, which was also applied to professional motorsport.


Projects in the VTDK.hackLAB

“Technokubas is an interdisciplinary interactive project of students and lecturers combining the study programmes of construction, mechanical engineering, automation, interior, interactive and graphic design. The project created a space where all surfaces are illuminated with changing colours that react to music or the touch of visitors. The focal point of the project is an interactive touch table, which provides information about the study programmes offered by Vilnius College of Technologies and Design, an interactive game demonstrating the advantages of touch surfaces, and a light control panel, which can be used to modify and animate the illuminated surfaces of the Technokubo. Technologies used: infrared-based interactive table technology, CCV (nui-group), Adobe AIR, Arduino. “Technokub was very popular with the residents and visitors of Vilnius during the Culture Night 2012.


“Interactive Honeycomb” is a project created for the presentation of the SDC at the Litexpo exhibition “Studijos 2013”. The installation uses the technique of projection onto an object, creating the impression of a three-dimensional image. The image displayed in “Honeycomb” evolved in response to the movement of the exhibition visitors. Technologies used: vvv, Arduino, ultrasonic distance sensors.

Interactive honeycomb

“City Music is an interactive video and sound installation that creates a light and sound environment based on the movement of the city. The project creates a light installation that responds to people’s hand movements. The system consists of coloured LED strips, custom-made LED drivers, Arduino controllers and a Kinect 3D sensor. Technologies used: Arduino, Microsoft Kinect, vvvv. The project was exhibited during the Culture Night 2013 event.

“Digital Flame is a constantly changing abstraction of light and form under the influence of physical forces. The project involves a system of fans and lightweight material that creates the illusion of fire. A projection of fire is used to enhance the effect. Technologies used: vvvv. The project was exhibited during the Culture Night 2013 event.

“Magic Tricks is an interactive game where you have to help an unsuccessful illusionist perform tricks. Seems like a simple task? But the player can only help him by using the waves generated in his brain. This project uses a MindWave Mobile device that can read the waves generated in the brain and apply them to control applications/games. A physical brainwave identifier has been developed in the VTDK.hackLAB lab. An Arduino controller, 2 Servo motors and a control program were used for the project. The project was exhibited during the Culture Night 2013 event.

Mind wave

“Shake2Win is an interactive game that lets those who want to try their hand at influencing the fate of two competing naughty people. Weapon – hares, method – violent shaking. For this project, VTDK.hackLAB has produced shake-responsive game controllers. The controllers communicate with the game via an Arduino controller and specialised software. The project was exhibited during the Culture Night 2013 event.


“Interactive Photo” – This installation allows the visitor to select the desired background by hand, without touching the screen, take a photo and immediately receive a photo printed on paper. Microsoft Kinect, Adobe AIR. The project was developed for the presentation of Vilnius College of Technologies and Design at Litexpo exhibition “Studijos 2014.

Interactive photo

“Interactive Painting” – oil painting with human elements. It is possible to change the mood of the painting using an innovative generator. Harmony and peace, mixed with creative energy, flood the creation process. The project was exhibited at Furniture 2014.

Interactive image

“Luminaire Colour – a combination of LED light, innovative electronics and programming skills. The luminaire responds to any colour spectrum, adapts to the colour environment of the interior and provides positive emotions. The project was exhibited at Furniture 2014.

“Balancing Luminaire – Installation” is a conceptual luminaire in a state of balance on two wheels. In the future, it is a light element that is able to follow in the footsteps of its human owner. The project was exhibited at Furniture 2014.

Interactive stand “Donation box” – a mobile interactive stand made by the SOS Children’s Villages in Lithuania for collecting donations in shopping centres. By dropping a penny into the stand, you can see the impact that people’s support has on the lives of the children of SOS Children’s Villages – an animated storyline shows what a couple of litas worth of coins can do for the lives of two children: they visit the library, the music school, and then ride home on a bicycle. The project involved the design and implementation of the technical solution for the stand, i.e. the development of the electronic and software equipment to control the image of the coin toss, and the design and construction of the stand frame.