Faculty of Civil Engineering students win first prize in an international precision science competition!

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10 April 2024 Viktorija Jurgėlėvič and Ugne Medzikauskaitė, 1st year students of the Construction Studies Programme of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, took part in the international precision science competition “Learn – Calculate – Remember 2024” at Klaipėda State College.

Along with student teams from Lithuania, students from the University of Liepaja (Latvia) took part in the competition. A total of 11 teams competed in the competition and had to complete team and individual tasks in the exact sciences.

Students from the Faculty of Civil Engineering, together with two students from the Faculty of Technology, formed a joint VTDK team and won 1st place!

The students were prepared for the competition by the lecturers Kristina Višnevskienė, Janina Janušauskienė and Dr Milda Pečiulienė.

Congratulations to the winners!

Photos by Kristina Višnevskienė.