About the Faculty of Civil Engineering


About the Faculty of Civil Engineering

The origins of the Civil Engineering Faculty date back to 1954, when the Vilnius Construction Technical College was established by order of the Minister of Construction. On 5 June 1991, it was reorganised into the Vilnius Higher School of Construction, and in 2002, when the school became the Vilnius College of Construction and Design, the Civil Engineering Faculty was established.

Study programmes at the Faculty:

The studies not only provide knowledge and practical skills, but also develop well-rounded, educated personalities and skilled professionals.

New study programmes for future engineers are being developed.

The Faculty has qualified teachers. They are constantly improving their qualifications, participating in international projects, internships, Erasmus+ exchange programme, teaching visits to higher education institutions in other European countries.

The Faculty actively cooperates with various social actors, organising meetings, international student workshops, competitions, seminars and conferences. One of them, which has already become a tradition, is the practical student conference “Environmental Protection and Engineering” to celebrate Earth Day.