Faculty of Design contacts

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Address Olandų st. 16, LT-01100 Vilnius

Phone(8 6) 26 12861
Email df@vtdko.lt

Lorita Butrimienė
Dean of the Faculty of Design
Phone 8 686 61561
Kristina Greckienė
Administrator of Studies
Phone (8 5) 234 4395
Rasa Mazūrienė
Lecturer, Head of the Department of Design, Chair of the Interior Design Study Programme Committee.
Phone 8 698 09098
Jonas Malinauskas

Lecturer, Chairman of the Graphic Design Study Programme Committee
Phone 8 614 53062

Rasa Valujavičienė
Lecturer, Head of the Department of Media, Chairperson of the Committees of the Photography Technology Study Programme and Multimedia Design Study Programme
Phone 8 673 60180