About the Faculty of Technical

Vilnius College of Technologies and Design – where creativity meets innovation!

The Faculty of Technical was established on 1 September 2008. The Faculty of Technical was established on September 7, 2009, by a decision of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, after the Vilnius Technical College was merged with the Vilnius College of Construction and Design to form the Vilnius College of Technology and Design.

The origins of the Faculty of Technical date back to 1922, when the Technical School opened its doors next to the Žygimantas Augustas Gymnasium at the initiative of the Vilnius Technical Society. In 1939, the Technical School became the Vilnius State Technical College, in 1941 it became the Higher Technical College, in 1944 it became the Vilnius State Technical College, in 1947 it became the Vilnius Polytechnic College, and from 1950 to 1960 it became the Agricultural Mechanisation Technical College. 30 August 2002. On 30 August 2002, the Vilnius Higher Technical School was renamed the Vilnius Technical College, which in 2008 became the Faculty of Technology of the Vilnius College of Technology and Design. In 2022, the Faculty of Technology celebrated its 100th anniversary.

The Faculty of Technical offers study programmes in different fields of study:

  • Automotive Electronics Systems
  • Automotive Technical Operation
  • Electrical and Automation Engineering
  • Energy Engineering 
  • Information Systems Engineering 
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Railway Transport Engineering 
  • Renewable Energy Engineering

The Faculty of Technical has excellent classrooms, specialised rooms, laboratories and technical training centres, equipped with visual and modern equipment.
The Faculty cooperates closely with social partners, organises meetings, workshops, competitions, non-formal education courses, conducts applied research, provides expert services, and organises scientific and practical conferences.
The Faculty has ambitious, qualified and challenging lecturers. Students and lecturers work together on joint projects, the results of which make the College famous. One of the projects is a racing car “The Student Formula”, built according to international requirements.