First-year students of the Transport Logistics study programme start the new academic year with an internship


First-year students of the Transport Logistics study programme start the new academic year with an internship

On 4-15 September 2023, cognitive practice events were organised for first-year full-time students and part-time students of the study programme “Transport Logistics”.

In the introductory lectures, the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering Airida Tylienė introduced the first year students to the chosen study programme, the chosen specialty, the future working environment and the study organisation procedure. The Vice-Dean organised a presentation of the Erasmus+ mobility programme, a meeting with the personal data protection officer and the library staff, who introduced the students to the library’s services, working procedures, and information search systems.

During the internship, Jurgita Ginavičienė, Head of the Department of Business and Public Management, and lecturers Aušra Špuraitė, Danutė Puodžiukienė and Aurelijus Vaškys organised meetings-seminars with representatives of the social partners, as well as educational trips for students.

During the first week of the internship, the students went to UAB Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, where Ignotas Braziulis, the Head of the Road Transport Department of the company, presented the peculiarities of the company’s activity, the development trends of the transport sector, discussed the problems faced by transport and logistics companies, answered the students’ questions and commented on their choice to become professionals in this field. The students had the opportunity to visit the warehouse of UAB Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, where the company’s representatives talked about the specifics of the warehouse, the groups of goods stored, and the processes taking place in the warehouse.

The students attended a lecture by invited guests from UAB Transfera, during which UAB Transfera representative Karolis Jadkonis and the company’s sales manager talked extensively about the company’s activities, future perspectives, and explained to the students what competences are needed to become a good manager. In a knowledge test prepared by the company’s representatives, the three students who demonstrated the best knowledge were awarded prizes.

During the second week of the internship, lectures by representatives of UAB MDI Transport and UAB Gevara were organised at the faculty, as well as three trips to UAB Integre Trans, UAB Delamode Baltics and UAB Transimeksa.

Margarita Marija Lietuvnikė, a representative of MDI Transport, introduced the students to the company’s activities, risk assessment, problem-solving, competition in the logistics and transport sector, the company’s future perspectives, and explained the company’s employment opportunities.

Šarūnas Stoka, Sales Manager at UAB Gevara, shared his personal experience of working in various companies, talked about the importance of career planning, gave memorable examples of communication with clients, discussed with students and answered their questions.

During the educational trip to UAB Integre Trans, the students took part in a meeting organised by the company’s HR department representative Kristina Pocė with the representatives of the company’s individual departments and were introduced to the specifics of the company’s activities, the peculiarities of the services it provides, the logistical processes and the freight transport routes it runs. Later, under the guidance of Darius Visakavičius, Head of the Training Department, the students continued to learn about the peculiarities of driving, loading and unloading of cargo, and fuel consumption at the company’s lorry.

At the meeting organised by Adela Ramelytė, Head of Human Resources and Administration of UAB Delamode Baltics, students had the opportunity to visit the new modern office, hear the representatives of the different departments talk about the company’s activities, cohesive team and career opportunities, take part in the quiz and win prizes. The students also visited the company’s terminal, where the company’s representative Eglė Velavičiūtė discussed and demonstrated the procedure for placing cargo in the terminal, explained the peculiarities of using handling equipment, and explained the requirements for setting up a bonded warehouse and the customs procedures.

During the educational trip to UAB Transimeksa, Justina Kaušpėdaitė, Head of the Human Resources Department, presented the history of the company, its development prospects, employment opportunities and flexible internship conditions, and organised a quiz for the students, the winners of which were awarded prizes. Later, the heads of the individual departments explained and demonstrated in detail the peculiarities of their work, highlighting the competences and skills required for each position. Representatives of the Driver Training Unit gave a presentation on the work of drivers and demonstrated the equipment in the cab of the tractor.