Geodesy and cadastre: an educational trip to the Nature Research Centre


9 February 2023 Students of the second year of full-time studies of the Geodesy and Cadastre study programme and the lecturer N. Augūnienė went to the Nature Research Centre (Akademijos str. 2, Vilnius).

The aim is to introduce students to the research carried out in the Laboratory of Deep Geology at the Natural Research Centre on the chemical composition, formation conditions, age, evolution and impact of deep structures on sedimentary cover and mineral deposits in the Precambrian.

The participants of the educational excursion were welcomed by Dr Gražina Skridlaitė, Head of the Deep Geology Laboratory of the Nature Research Centre, who introduced the activities and perspectives of the Nature Research Centre. Later, the company’s employees presented the laboratories (Chemical Ecology and Behaviour, Ecotoxicology, Deep Geology, etc.) and the research being carried out in the Nature Research Centre in order to better understand and protect ecosystems and to sustainably use the resources in Lithuania.

During the trip, the students visited the Mineral Museum and explored the mineral collection, which reflects the wide variety of minerals and rocks in the Earth’s crust.

N. Augūnienė photos