Geodesy and Cadastre: educational trip to VGTU Geodesy Institute

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Geodesy and Cadastre: educational trip to VGTU Geodesy Institute

14 February 2024 Students of the third year of the Geodesy and Cadastre study programme together with lecturer Natalija Augūniene visited the Institute of Geodesy, Faculty of Environmental Engineering, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.

The aim of this educational trip is to introduce students to the theoretical and experimental research carried out by the Institute of Geodesy and the application of its results to the development and improvement of the State Geodetic Basis.

During the educational excursion, the students learnt about the activities of the Institute of Geodesy, visited the Gravimetry and Photogrammetry laboratories and the LitPOS Data Processing Centre.

The Director of the Institute of Geodesy, Prof. Dr. Eimuntas Kazimieras Paršeliūnas, presented the work of the Institute of Geodesy, told about the peculiarities of the gravimetric network construction and measurements. Prof. Dr. Jūratė Sužiedelytė-Visockienė introduced the Photogrammetry Laboratory and the works carried out by VGTU students. The participants of the educational trip also visited the LitPOS Measurement Data Processing Centre and the exhibition of old geodetic instruments.

The educational trip was organised by lecturer Natalija Augūnienė