Geodesy and cadastre: lecture by a guest speaker from the State Enterprise "Centre of Registers"


14 March 2023 Lecture by a guest speaker from the State Enterprise “Registrų centras” was organised for the 2nd year full-time students of the Geodesy and Cadastre Study Programme of the Faculty of Civil Engineering. The lecture was given by V. Naruševičienė, Chief Specialist of the Non-monopolistic Services Supervision Division of the State Enterprise “Registrų centras”.

The lecture introduces students to cadastral measurements of structures, measurement methods and the collection of other cadastral data. V. Naruševičienė, a specialist of the State Enterprise “Centre of Registers”, presented the company’s software

equipment for collecting and processing data. Common mistakes made by surveyors were also discussed. With the help of the specialist, the students carried out classroom and cadastral measurements.

Students will be able to use the knowledge they have acquired to study the subject “Cadastre of immovable property”.

The guest lecture was organised by lecturer Natalija Augūnienė.

N. Augūnienė photos