VTDK students' animated film "Sausra" wins award

An animated film "Sausra" (Drought) by students of Vilnius College of Technologies and Design - Balys Kumža and Jonas Sutkus - wins awards.

In the 13th International Festival of Non-commercial Film Makers, held in Tallinn, this movie won the best animated film nomination in C category (films created by students).

Another animated film, "Puikiojo princo beieškant" (In Search of the Magnificent Prince), co-created in a joint workshop by students from Vilnius College of Technologies and Design and European Humanities University, was awarded a Special Diploma. 

Last year, the Special diploma in this festival was also awarded to a film created by VTDK students - "Mergaitė su degtukais" (The Little Match Girl) by Božena Gaidamovič and Kazimieras Pečiulevičius. 

These films have gained recognition locally as well. In the 57-th National Amateur Film Festival, "Sausra" was awarded the Best Animated Movie. Also, "Odė vienatvei" (Ode to Loneliness) by Rūta Juškauskaitė from VTDK was awarded a Special Jury Diploma. 

Awards for the film Sausra