Making studies more fun!

On October 25th, VTDK new students from India and Sudan, together with their lecturer Vaiva Mickevičienė, headed to Vilnius Old Town to seek the roots of Lithuanian mentality. It is said that in order to get acquainted with the country where one will have to spend several upcoming years, it’s best to analyze its history, to communicate with the locals, visiting places that are interesting and attractive to local Lithuanians as well. During this excursion, the group visited a new, interactive Centre for Civil Education, located in the Presidential Palace, in the very heart of Old Town. At the museum, every visitor received a tablet computer for scanning labels next to various exhibit and receive additional information on Lithuanian history, heraldry, functions of the President and the Parliament. In different exhibition halls, one can learn about Lithuanian regions, to try oneself in the state budget balance challenge, to get acquainted with art history of contemporary Lithuania. The students also had the opportunity to see various gifts that Lithuanian presidents had received from foreign countries.

To top of the afternoon – where else would you see a panorama of Vilnius Old Town lovelier that the one from Gediminas Castle hill!

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