Best VTDK Mechanical Technologies Engineering Students Received Prestigious Scholarships

Best Mechanical Technologies Engineering students at Vilnius College of Technologies and Design were awarded prestigious scholarships from the Geen Haas Foundation. The students received 23 000 dollars in scholarships, 25 students have received 400 EUR scholarships for their academic results in autumn semester. „HAAS Automation Europe“ study partnership coordinator Simon Vanmaekelbergh, and “Abbplanalp Engineering“ technical director Viktor Perfilov, who delivered the scholarships, said that the decision to grant these scholarships to VTDK students was made with regards to college’s active work in preparing specialists of mechanical technologies.

Successful cooperation with “HAAS Automation Europe” has started this fall with the opening of a modern specialist training centre (HTEC) at VTDK, equipped with CNC machinery. The Dean of VTDK Technical Faculty says that the center opened up multiple new opportunities both for students, facilitating their exchange with other HEIs and their internships at modern foreign companies, and also for staff, who can now attend global level conferences to discuss training programs and specialist training procedures, and also to see innovations applied in modern companies. She says the demand for mechanical technologies specialists will continue growing: “Majority of Lithuanian companies already work with CNC machines, but there is a lack of specialists in this field. We truly hope that more and more students will choose mechanical technologies engineering professions”.

Gene Haas Foundation scholarships are given to students who are being trained to work with CNC type machines. Since its establishment in 1999, scholarships have been given to students from 1300 education institutions worldwide.

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