VTDK – champions of the first national L3L tour!

Basketball team representing Vilnius College of Technologies and Design (VTDK) triumphed in the first national “Pieno žvaigždės“ tour of the Lithuanian 3x3 Basketball League. Not having lost a single game throughout the entire tour, our team won a 1000 LTL prize.

Community of Vilnius College of Technologies and Design congratulates our champions and wishes them lots of victorious games in the future! Go VTDK!

VTDK 3x3

In the quarterfinals, VTDK conquered team “Wurth” with the score 13:12. In the semi-finals, at 12:8, they beat another team from Vilnius, „Ferimsta-Barada“. In the final game, VTDK won against team „Likimas aiškus“ with the score of 16:9, becoming the first champions of the National tour.

The golden team was comprised of VTDK’s public relations specialist Deividas Aukštuolis, VTDK alumnus Marius Tenikaitis and State VIP Protection Department employees Andrius Filipovas and Otas Majeras. O.Majeras also celebrated a champion‘s title in the „Sniper“ contest.