The origin of Vilnius College of Technologies and Design was established (in its current structure) in 2008, with the integration of Vilnius Technical College into Vilnius College of Construction and Design. However, the origin of different faculties dates back to as far as 1930s (Technical School). Petras Vileišis Railway Transport Faculty roots from 1947, the establishment of Vilnius Railway Transport Technical School. Civil Engineering Faculty evolved from Vilnius Technical School of Construction, established in 1954, and so did the Design Faculty. 

The College of Technologies and Design consists of 4 faculties: the Civil Engineering Faculty, the Design Faculty, the Petras Vileisis Railway Transport Faculty, and the Technical Faculty. They boast around 3,000 students and 200 professors and other staff members. It is a state institution of higher education.

The College of Technologies and Design prepares highly-qualified specialists that are able to work successfully throughout Lithuania and the European Union. College applies strategies of Lifelong Learning. The quality of specialist preparation is contantly being increased in order to meet the growing competitiveness of the labor market.

Vilnius College of Technologies and Design participates in international projects, cooperates with partners in Lithuania and similar institutions of higher education abroad. The College of Technologies and Design is a member of the European Association for International Education (EAIE), Universities of Applied Sciences network (UASnet), and the European Association of Institutions in Higher Education (EURASCHE).

Design Faculty study programmes:

Graphic Design
Interior Design
Multimedia Design
Technology of Photography

Technical Faculty study programmes:

Technical Maintenance of Automobiles
Car Electronics
Electrical and Automation Engineering
Mechanical Technologies Engineering
Renewable Energy

Civil Engineering Faculty study programmes:

Civil Engineering
Engineering Systems of Buildings
Geodesy and Cadastre

Petras Vileisis Railway Transportation Faculty study programmes:

Transport Logistics
Railway Transport Engineering
Communication Links and Structures
Transport Information Systems