"Initium Vilnensis" International Symposium on Earth and Environmental Art


“Initium Vilnensis” means the beginning of Vilnius in Old Latin. Same name in 2023 year 24-27 April – Land and Environmental Art Symposium to celebrate the 700th anniversary of Vilnius. It invites you to remember the glorious history of our city, and to convey it through the prism of creativity in the very heart of Vilnius – the Vilnius Castles State Cultural Reserve.

It was on these hills that the city was born and developed, the first fortresses grew and our rulers ruled. The geology, archaeology and historical themes of the birth of Vilnius inspired artists from different disciplines to collaborate on this creative project. During the symposium, representatives of artistic academia from three countries (Lithuania, Poland and Latvia) will explore the castle territory and the retrospective of 700 years of Vilnius’ existence. In an exhibition of land art, the artists will reveal their artistic approach to the origins of the city’s formation, the beginnings of our capital city, the greatness of the rulers…

As the Vilnius Castle Cultural Reserve is a very important and sensitive historical site, where not only archaeological, cultural, but also natural heritage is cherished, it is this branch of conceptual interdisciplinary art that is used to realise artistic ideas. The authors choose to interact with the environment and its natural resources in a sustainable and conscious way, creating a kind of reflection of the heritage of local memory.

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Opening and exhibition tour: 2023 year 27 April 2 pm (start at Table Mountain)

Organised by Vilnius College of Technology and Design, Vilnius Castles State Cultural Reserve Directorate

The exhibition will take place in the territory of the Vilnius Castles State Cultural Reserve from 27-04-2023 to 31-10-2023. We invite you to visit!