International Practical-Scientific Conference "TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATIONS 2023: TOWARDS THE EUROPEAN GREEN COURSE" (Civil Engineering Section)

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On 21-22 March 2023, the College hosted the International Practical-Scientific Conference “TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATIONS 2023: TOWADS THE EUROPEAN GREEN COURSE”.

The aim of the conference is to present ideas and achievements in science, research and technological innovation in line with the transformation areas and potential initiatives identified in the European Green Compass, and to discuss future trends in technological innovation and design.

22 March 2023 The Faculty of Civil Engineering organises a conference session on “Civil Engineering”. The Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Dr. Deividas Navikas, welcomed the participants of the conference. During the conference, representatives from various academic and scientific institutions and companies presented solutions for the modernisation of building facades, the Internet of Things in smart homes, urban transformation in the context of the EU’s Green Deal, environmentally friendly construction of foundations in Lithuania and abroad, alternative concrete reinforcement, and waste management in smart cities. Good BIM practices and challenges were also shared.

Photos by A.Tylienė