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Erasmus+ program for students

Erasmus+ program action provides conditions for the students of the higher education institutions to spend integrated studies (3-12 months) / internship (2-12 months) period in another country, participating in Erasmus+ program.

Aims of the Erasmus+ mobility:

    • To help the students acquire international studies and/or internship experience, to develop language skills, receive inter-cultural experiences;
    • To promote instituional cooperation and enrich students with the receiving institutions’ education environment;
    • Contribute to the development of high qualification, broad attitudes and abroad experienced young future specialists base;
    • To facilitate credit transfer and recognition of periods spent abroad, applying European credit transfer system or appropriate credit system.

All information related to the Erasmus+ mobility participation conditions is available in the general call of the specific academic year to submit applications. To apply to Vilnius College of Technologies and Design study placement in Erasmus+ program and both to Erasmus+ student status have the right all College full-time and part-time students who have finished the first study year, whereas to the internship placement also first year students. The students are selected by the Erasmus+ student selection committee. Erasmus+ program contest is published two times in a year: in September – for those who want to study/ make internship abroad in the Spring semester; in March – for those who want to study/ make internship abroad in the Autumn semester or during the whole coming academic year.

Student mobility description of procedures according to the Erasmus+ program organization in program countries you can find here.

If you are selected for the Erasmus+ mobility, however, due to the current worrisome situation in the world you cannot participate in the mobility in the coming semester, you have the possibility to participate in the mobility in the following semester. Please notify the International Relations Department of your choice.

Erasmus+ contest for study mobility is organized 2 times in a year – the main contest for the coming study year’s Autumn semester, Spring semester and the whole study year is published in February, and the additional contest for the for the remaining vacancies – in September.

The contest for the Erasmus+ internship mobility is published four times in the calendar year – in February, May, September and November.

After saving funds or receiving additional funding there can be organized more contests.

Erasmus+ student charter is the document in which there is indicated student mobility participation rights and duties and also what the mobility participant can expect from the College and hosting institution during mobility implementation.

Erasmus+ student charter you can find here.

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