LAMA BPO applications for the VTDK are now open

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Starting from today, those wishing to apply for admission to universities and colleges are invited to submit their applications to the General Admissions Information System (BPIS) via the website of the Lithuanian Association of Higher Education Institutions for General Admissions Organisation (LAMA BPO).

This year’s admissions process consists of three phases: the main phase and two additional phases. For the main admissions, applicants can register their applications until 28 July at 12:00 Throughout this period, the preferences included in the application can be added, deleted, reordered, changed, the form of study and the type of funding, depending on the results of the matriculation exams. The results of this phase will be published on 2 August by 12 noon. Applicants will be able to conclude their study contracts electronically (from 15:00 on 2 August) or by visiting the Higher Education Institution (from 08:00 on 3 August) until 16:00 on 4 August.

During the main reception From 13 June to 25 July, there will be an entrance exam session for applicants to arts programmes . The results will be published by 27 July.
From 7 to 10 August, applicants will be able to apply for the first phase of the supplementary admissions. Applicants will only be able to apply for a state-funded place if they did not have a contract at the time of the main intake, or if they have a contract for non-state-funded studies. A short session of entrance examinations may be organised if the need arises during the supplementary admission.

Applicants will receive their invitations to study on 16 August. Applicants will be able to conclude their study contracts electronically (from 16 August at 15:00) or by visiting the university (from 17 August at 08:00) until 18 August at 16:00. During the second phase of the supplementary admissions, applicants will be able to submit their applications from 21-24 August. Invitations will be sent out on 28 August and contracts can be signed electronically (from 28 August at 15:00) or by visiting the university (from 29 August at 08:00) until 17:00 on 30 August.

As a reminder, the minimum requirements for admission to higher education remain unchanged this year. As in previous years, to qualify for state-funded places, graduates must pass three state matriculation exams: in Lithuanian language and literature, mathematics and a free choice subject.

Applicants to study programmes in the arts group are exempt from the maths exam.

The average of annual grades in subjects will be taken into account for admission to higher education. Admission to colleges will be open to applicants with an arithmetical average of at least 6 annual grades in the five compulsory subjects. The minimum entrance competition score remains unchanged. Entry to colleges must be at least 4.3.