Library services

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Library services

Who can use the Library?

Readers are served in accordance with the approved library rules.

The library is open to all visitors. In addition to reading in the library, members of the college community can borrow books for home use, consult information, use computers, wireless internet, subscription databases and e-books, both from computers in the college and from home.

What do I need to do to use the Library’s services?

Please bring proof of your identity: identity card, passport, student ID or other proof of identity.

How do I find the right book or other source of information in the library?

Welcome to use VTDK Library e-catalogue where you can find electronic and paper books (find out how many books the library has and which ones are available).

We invite you to use the VTDK Virtual Library to find not only books, but also articles, videos and other information from various databases. By logging in to your account (you will receive logins at, you can see: how many books you have checked out; whether you are overdue in returning books; and whether there are any penalties for not returning books on time.

The library’s collections are open and the shelves are arranged according to the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC).

What if you don’t return your publications on time?

Publications are issued for different periods of time: a day, a week, a month, a semester.

The period of use of the books can be extended 2 times. There are several ways to do this:

  • by logging in to the VTDK Virtual Library;
  • by emailing the library’s email address. paštą or the VTDK Library Facebook account;
  • on arrival at the library;
  • by calling.

What happens if you are late in returning publications?

A late fee (interest) is charged for late return of books:

  • semester and monthly publications – € 0.01 per day;
  • weekly and daily publications – €0.03 for 1 day.

What should I do if I lose a publication?

A lost or irreparably damaged item may be replaced by an identical item or one recognised by the Library as equivalent. Damages may be compensated by paying:

  • for a publication published before 1995 m. – 7,50 €;
  • for a publication published before 1995 m. – double the print price.

What additional services does the Library provide?

  • creation and editing of bibliographic lists and indexes according to individual requests: 0,60 €(1 entry);
  • photocopying: black and white a4- 0,04 €,a3- 0,08 €;colour a4- 0,48 €,a3- 0,96 €;
  • printing: black and white a4- 0,08 €,a3- 0,16 €;colour a4- 0,48 €,a3- 0,96 €.
  • Binding of documents: up to 50 pages – EUR 1,20/piece, from 51 to 150 pages – EUR 1,50/piece, from 150 to 250 pages – EUR 1,80/piece.

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