Procedure for registering publications


Procedure for registering publications

Where are scientific publications now registered?

Since 2017. September Research publications of Vilnius College of Technology and Design staff (hereinafter referred to as “publications”) are registered in the Lithuanian Academic Electronic Library Information System (hereinafter referred to as “eLABa”), where bibliographic data of registered publications and full-text documents are published.

What will the information be used for?

Bibliographic lists and statistics on publications by researchers are compiled from eLABa reports. The information is used for the preparation of the College’s annual research output report.

HOW to submit a publication to the library?

Authors working at the College register their publications in the eLABa national repository. Publications must have a College prefix. Instructions on how to upload a publication.

If you are unable to register your publication on your own, please send a PDF copy or an active web link indicating your field of research to

WHEN to submit a publication to the Library?

Within one month of the publication being published, College staff must register it in the system.

WHAT data is needed about the publication?

College staff are required to provide mandatory metadata, to revise it if requested by the College library staff, and to ensure that the uploaded document and the metadata provided are correct and do not violate any laws of the Republic of Lithuania. Mandatory metadata: name, surname, faculty, field of study, type. Attached to both sides of the title page of the full article (part of a book) and of the title page of the publication in which the article is published
(with publishing data) and a PDF copy of the content.

WHO registers when a publication is co-authored?

College staff who publish a publication with co-authors must agree which of the co-authors will register the publication. The publication does not need to be registered separately for each co-author.

WHAT guides the submission and registration of a publication?

When registering a publication in eLABa, the staff of the College is obliged to follow the description of the procedure for uploading the documents of Vilnius College of Technology and Design to the repository of the information system of the Lithuanian Academic Electronic Library, which was approved by the Protocol of the Academic Council No.14-5 on 8 December 2021.

Where to look for publications already registered?

Registered publications can be searched in the eLABa catalogue.

HOW to format the report?

Instructions on how to format publication reports can be found here.

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