New study programme "Business and Customs" at the Faculty of Civil Engineering


18 April 2023 The Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education has registered a new study programme “Business and Customs”.

26 April 2023 Dr. R. Vitkūnas, Director of Vilnius College of Technology and Design, signed a cooperation agreement with D. Žvirons, Director General of the Customs Department, on the implementation of the study programme “Business and Customs Activities”, training of specialists and professional qualification development.

The aim of this study programme is to train a specialist in the field of business who is knowledgeable in customs activities, able to manage business processes and to organise and execute business activities influenced by customs processes and procedures, as well as to act independently and creatively in a changing business market environment.

Graduates of the programme:

  • They will be able to represent businesses when completing customs declarations or other customs formalities.
  • They will acquire the practical skills needed for a career in the Customs system.
  • Able to analyse and assess the international business environment and organise the freight transport process.
  • Assess, plan and organise logistics activities in a modern business environment.
  • Apply the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania and the European Union governing transport and customs activities.

Students of the Business and Customs Studies programme will have the opportunity to pass the qualification examination for “persons wishing to provide customs representation services in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania” during their studies.

Graduates of this study programme will be able to work:

  • Managers in transport, logistics, freight forwarding and other businesses;
  • as a customs broker in a transport or customs brokerage firm;
  • setting up and developing your own transport or customs brokerage business;
  • work as career civil servants in the customs system of the Republic of Lithuania.

Information about the new study programme: