Photography exhibition at Vilnius University Library

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In 2023 year 6 June Vilnius University Library hosts an exhibition of photographs “Vilnius Bridges” by third year students of the Photography Technology study programme (DF20D-1 gr.).

Most of the authors of the exhibition are not residents of Vilnius, but have come to study in the capital from small towns and cities where there are not a lot of bridges because there are simply no bridges to cross. When they arrived in Vilnius, they saw that it not only has green streets, but also bridges that you can find everywhere you turn.

Each bridge is unique, with its own date of birth, history and scars left by time or people (which the authors have hidden in the photos, showing the bridges as they might have looked when they were just built). The photographers took a different approach to the bridges: they turned their lenses upwards, capturing what the bridges look like from a non-parade perspective, because they wanted to bring out the beauty of their structures and details.

V. Kalinauskaitė photos
I. Kurlavičiūtė photo