Presentations by the Director of the “Junior–Talents” company and the professor of the Czestochowa University of Technology to students and lecturers of Vilnius College of Technologies and Design


During the international week, Jens-Stefan Muller, general director of the company “Junior-Talents” (Federal Republic of Germany), presented the possibilities of doing internships under the “Erasmus+” programme in Germany and Austria to the students and lecturers of the Vilnius College of Technologies and Design on March 23rd, 2023. The “Junior-Talents” closely cooperates with companies in Germany and Austria in various professional fields (car technical operation, car electronic systems, renewable energy, transport logistics, interior and graphic design). The company would provide a scholarship of EUR 700, pay travel and accommodation expenses. During the last two years of study, the “Junior-Talents” organized more than twenty trips to the Federal Republic of Germany, Austria for the students of the Automotive Technical Operation, Automotive Electronic Systems and Information Systems Engineering study programmes of the Vilnius College of Technologies and Design. The dean of the Faculty of Construction Dr. D. Navikas shared his experience of cooperation with the “Junior-Talents”. Professor Stanislaw Szwaja, the professor of Częstochowa University of Technology, presented the university’s study programmes to the college community, discussed opportunities to participate in the Erasmus+ student and lecturers exchange programme.

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