Presentations of project work by students from the University of Rennes

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In January-March 2024, students from the Electrical and Automation Engineering and Mechanical Engineering degree programmes of Rennes University and VTDK presented their project work at Vilnius College of Technology and Design. The French participants shared their impressions on how they managed to implement their individual projects. One of the project themes was “Smart student attendance marking system”. The student succeeded well in implementing this idea. A mobile electronic device was designed and manufactured which records student attendance at lectures by QR code, without the lecturer having to do so. A database has been created in which the lecturer can see the processed attendance information, and the system has also been equipped with protection against fraud and data misappropriation. Another participant in the project designed a mobile robot. The robot is a “teaching assistant”. The robot, controlled remotely, can go to each student to check how he or she is doing on the assignments. The robot has an integrated video camera, distance sensors and warning signals. A third student from the University of Rennes improved the electrical part of the “Ecomarathon Formula”. He was responsible for installing the formula’s electrical wiring and made the dashboard. The display shows the capacity of the lithium-ion battery, the current used, the power and the temperature. Students from the Mechanical Engineering Technology programme also worked on the Ecomarathon Formula, modernising the frame, designing and building the chassis and control systems. The students’ work was evaluated by Anne-Claire Salaün, Professor of Electrical and Automation Engineering at the University of Rennes.

Photos by J. Pileckienė and A. Sidorenko