SCIENCE WEEK 2023 Event - Engineering Graphics Knowledge Contest

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In 2023 year December 5 d. The Engineering Graphics Knowledge Contest was held at the Faculty of Engineering. The competition was attended by 29 most active and inquisitive students of AT23D-1, EA23D-1, MT23D-1 groups. In preparation for the competition, the students improved their skills in engineering graphics.

Congratulations to the winners of the Engineering Graphics Knowledge Contest:

I place – Tomas Giedraitis (AT23D-1 gr.);

II place – Gabriel Voitkevich (AT23D-1 gr.);

II place – Matas Ruzgas (AT23D-1 gr.);

III place – Nojus Cechanoveckas (AT23D-1 gr.);

III place – Nikita Nalimov (EA23D-1 gr.);

III place – Benas Štukauskas (EA23D-1 gr.).

Photos by D. Beinortienė