Seminar and lecture by guests from UAB Kečas

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Seminar and lecture by guests from UAB Kečas

12 October 2023 Representatives of UAB Kečas visited the Faculty of Civil Engineering. Invited guests from the company gave a seminar-lecture to the students and lecturers of the Faculty on the importance of inspections and verification of flat roofs.

At the beginning of the seminar-lecture, civil engineer Rytis Skaudžius discussed the types of roof coverings and the main technologies of pitched and flat roofs, as well as roofing and insulation materials and solutions used in modern construction, rainwater drainage from roofs, stressed the importance of proper waterproofing system installation, etc. Rytis Skaudžius also pointed out the most common roofing mistakes, presented the solutions to these mistakes, illustrated them with a lot of visual material and examples from Lithuania and other countries, and shared good practice and practical advice.

Kęstas Gudelevičius, Head of the Vilnius Region of Kečas UAB, presented innovative waterproofing inspection solutions to the participants of the seminar-lecture, gave an overview of both traditional and innovative waterproofing inspection methods, identified defect detection methods, and discussed methods of detecting and localizing electrical leaks.

At the end of the seminar-lecture, students and lecturers were given the opportunity to have a hands-on look at the materials and instruments used for the inspections presented during the seminar.

The seminar-lecture was organised by the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Construction, lecturer Airida Tylienė.