Settlement with the library


The Library reminds students that as the academic year draws to a close, they are obliged to settle their accounts with the Library, i.e. by returning items, paying for lost or damaged items, and paying accrued overdue interest.

If you are unable to return your books or otherwise settle your accounts with the library, please contact the library staff to arrange an extension until September to return your books. This does not apply to graduates!

Graduates have until their diplomas are awarded:

  • return all borrowed items from the library;
  • pay the accrued interest;
  • account for lost or damaged publications.

You can always check what you owe by emailing or by contacting the library staff.

Payments can be made by bank transfer. Please find your faculty contribution details here.

Attention! Once you have paid the late fee, you must send a copy of the order to, only after receiving this copy will the library cancel the late fee.

Photo by Carolyn V