STEAM workshop for students of Vilnius "Laisvės" Gymnasium

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In 2023 year November 24. Students from grades 11-12 of the Vilnius “Laisvės” Gymnasium visit the Faculty of Technology. The pupils got acquainted with the possibilities of studying at the College, the changed conditions of admission to higher education institutions. After discussions and answers to the students’ questions in the laboratories, the participants of the event were welcomed by the lecturers of the Faculty of Technology. The students participated in STEAM workshops in the fields of electronic engineering, mechanical engineering and transport engineering. During the workshop “Student Formula and Electric Generation” students who plan to choose Transport Engineering study programmes got acquainted with the rules, design and production process of student formula and electric generation, discussed the challenges of participation in the Baltic Open competition. In the workshop “Young Engineers”, participants learned how to use a prototyping (Breadbord) board, found out how to connect it, how to use it, analysed the electrical components and markings used to connect the “LED blinker” electrical circuit. During the workshop “Designing the machining of a part in a virtual environment”, the students got acquainted with the possibilities of the CAM system, designed a part, and created the basic operations of machining a part in a virtual environment.

The workshop was organised by the lecturer Janina Janušauskienė and led by the lecturers Antanas Staponas, Martynas Juchnevičius, Audrius Matulis and assistant Martynas Repečka.

Photos by J. Janušauskienė