Student Scientific and Practical Conference "Exact Sciences - the basis for a qualified engineer in 2023"

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The events of the WEEK OF ACCURATE SCIENCES 2023 were concluded by the 15th Student Scientific – Practical Conference “Exact Sciences – the Basis of Qualified Engineer’s Studies 2023”, which was held at the Faculty of Engineering on 7 December 2023.

Vilnius College of Technology and Design provides higher education studies based on applied scientific activities. The aim of the Student Scientific and Practical Conference is to promote the involvement of first year students in scientific research and experimental development activities.

During the first three months of the first year, first-year students, in collaboration with lecturers and company representatives, learned about research methods, the structure and requirements of a research paper, and put them into practice in the preparation of projects. Students analysed the future technology of car batteries, the technical characteristics of a hydrogen-powered car, and the practical application of the Lissajous figure. ScanDrivePRO NFC innovative technologies, developed by the first year students of the Automotive Electronics Systems study programme and presented during the conference, are not yet used in Lithuania and are not well known in the world. During the conference, senior students presented the results of their scientific experimental development and applied research, and were excited about the opportunity to contribute to environmental sustainability and conservation by proposing the installation of traffic light timers in Vilnius city to reduce emergency situations.

Photos by A. Sidorenko